Four Stone Age idiots who live and bleed for rock’n’roll. Everything in their performance screams frustration, anger and a raging energy that makes it a true experience.

The Cavemen formed in high school out of a shared love of glue and wild rock’n’roll. After several years of drinking and hanging out in various basements, graveyards, and parking garages in Aukland, The Cavemen sharpened their troglodyte life around in 2012 to bring the world back to the Stone Age.

They have been described as a cross between the Gun Club and The Cramps with a sound that matches GG Allin and the Dwarves and a bunch of other degenerate lo-fi punk groups.



Punk is back! In the 70s, punk was rebellious, revolutionary, kicking against everything. The Covids see it just a little differently. You just need to relax with all the problems in the world. Then it’s just good to have fun and enjoy. A cheerful revolution!

Originating in an epidemic, they have adopted this as their nickname. The foursome met in the only appropriate place, the hospitality industry. At their regular hangout, they became like family. Prepare for an evening of dancing until your feet fall off and bathtubs full of fun. We’ve earned that after it being taken away from us for so long.




Friday 7 October