Bumble B. Boy:

Is it a beekeeper? Is it a birthday act for children? No, it’s the most frantic art punk artist of the moment. Bumble B. Boy performs in his beekeeper costume by default, but that doesn’t stop Tom Harden, as he is actually called, putting on a super-tight show. A tad alienating and a little bit hyperactive, but also musically high quality and extremely entertaining.

Previously, the group performed at Sniester and left the outdoor stage completely bewildered. Now, with new material, inside The Rider. Curious to see if any of the pub remains after this show.



Armed with just a drum kit and bass, Fellatio brings krauty, disco punk. Post-penis and very avant garde, the band will leave you with a murmur in your ears, stomach ache and the uneasy feeling of sea legs. Angular, extravagant and yet surprisingly catchy, the Rotterdam-based Tilburgers are it. Suck on that.




24 & 25 mei