Eat your belly round with a good feeling. The Ruiter kitchen is known for its sensational vegan options.
But also for an old-fashioned delicious ball sandwich or croquette you can visit de Ruiter.
With us you can be sure that your lunch is not only delicious but also super fresh, good for you & for the rest of the world.
Our kitchen staff works with organic products, as much as possible from the region.

Join us for affordable authentic Thai meals and small dishes. Add a beer and Phuket is just around the corner.
Enjoy the real Thai flavors. We serve your meal with a palette of toppings to make your Pad Thai as spicy as you can.
Meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan – there are tasty options for everyone.



The Tesla of kitchens
The Black Rider kitchen leads the way in futureproof cooking at the Grote Markt. We are the first to work natural gas-free, drive electrically past our local suppliers and work with the most energy-efficient and water-saving equipment.




Do as the Mexicans do
The stuff that taught you to shot, throw up & carry on is often misunderstood. The traditional way to enjoy tequila, is pure. No lime, no salt, served at room temperature. Definitely worth a try.

Quality tequila is made of 100% agave
But few bottles meet this standard. To be a ‘tequila’, only 51% of the beverage base is required to be agave. The remainder is topped up with sugar cane distillate. Tequila puro on the other hand – that’s the real deal. A quality bottle of tequila has a unique serial number. This way, you can be sure you’re drinking the good stuff, straight from Jalisco, Mexico.

Curious what real tequila tastes like? Come and enjoy (in small sips) at the bar.