Minko is a Dutch band from the small town of Dordrecht. Brothers Dusty & Darryl Ciggaar (Dry Riverbed Trio, Ian Siegal) and their friend Nick Croes (Typhoon, Jett Rebel) have known each other for almost twenty years. There is a certain chemistry that is difficult to put into words, and they would like to let you hear it through their music. From a young age, they learned to play under the wings of their fathers and uncles. They paved the way for them at a time when everyone was still counting euro prices back to guilders and sparkling iced tea was the favorite drink. That has clearly changed.

Although they remained good friends, they went their own ways for a while. After many musical adventures with various bands and artists, on a beautiful starry night in Bali, they looked at each other and the question arose: should we not make our own music?

That set the tone for the years to come. Not long ago, they joined forces with their buddy Tammo Deuling (Dawn Brothers) and the band was complete. Expect steamy Rock & Roll, blues shuffles, Country Soul, Roots, sentimental punk songs, rhythm and blues, and everything in between.