Spicy, juicy, full of energy, but most of all just delicious.

A breath of fresh air among mainstream “radio-pop”, floating between indie-pop and popping, alternative, psychedelic pop-rock, MOYO is dynamic. Songs consist of an interesting mix of cutting guitars and catchy synth melodies, add metaphorical and striking arrangements and then the MOYO package is complete.

Together they started an extensive writing project, and back in March 2019 the fruits of their hard labour was presented. A full agenda in 2019 and 2020, because besides stages like Parkpop and the UIT Festival but also the old familiar PAARD, they can now also be seen at de Zwarte Ruiter.



Gouda is more than just cheese. Just listen to the Gouda foursome The Tambles. They grab you by the throat and squeeze until there are tears are in your eyes. But only happy tears ofcourse!

Sixties rock with influences from country and trailing psychedelic garage. After a successful tour in Spain and sold-out venues as support act for Supergrass, the world went on lockdown. The Tambles retreated to their humble garage where they had been rehearsing for ten years. The four of them wrote their most versatile record ever. ‘Scrapping by’ has everything you heard in the late 60’s but the songs are fresh and the riffs you certainly haven’t heard before.





Saturday 12 November